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Mothers Of Military Support is a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization founded by Mrs. Elizabeth Johnston in 2003. Our mission is to provide positive support of our service members, family and community, by providing services that are consistently available, accessible, and responsive to the needs of individual service members, families, and groups seeking assistance. To work with the community to contribute, facilitate, and promote awareness of the needs of our men and women in the armed service to the enrichment of all.

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P-51 Mustang

The Mustang was the fighter that helped Secure our victory over fascism, and in the film's heart pounding climax, the P-51 Mustangs, will fire their engines, gather in the sky, and in an event never seen or filmed before, fly in mass formation. All their thunder and glory, passing overhead in a salute to the men of the War, their legacy, and the planes that carried them into battle.

Enjoy this short in flight video presentation




steve gill

Transitioning Warrior Program Washington State, with Mr. Steve Gill, Program Manager.

May 2008 Iinterview



A Vietnam Veterans Story

May 3, 2008 Ret. Sgt. Gary Olson tells his heart felt  video story. Mom's exclusive


The Purple Heart Medal

Purple Mustang
The award we have come to recognize as the Purple Heart actually found its roots not so much in the desire to create a new medal for military men to wear, as it was in the desire to honor a great American hero of the past. George Washington was born on February 22, 1732. Nearly 200 years later the American public was preparing for the bi-centennial of his birth, complete with commemorative events and celebrations. In the process of researching the life of the Father of our Country in order to plan the celebration, General Washington's Executive Order of August 7, 1782 was found. Along with it was the record of his purple Badge of Military Merit and the accounts of the three men who had received it. On October 10, 1927 Army Chief of Staff, General Charles P. Summerall drafted a bill to send to Congress in an effort to revive the Badge of Military Merit. For whatever reasons, the bill received little support and was withdrawn early the following year.

As the bi-centennial celebration drew closer, General Summerall was replaced by General Douglas MacArthur, a hero of service in Mexico and World War I, and the son of a Civil War Medal of Honor recipient. With little public fanfare, General MacArthur began work anew on General Summerall's proposal to re-establish the Badge of Military Merit. Throughout 1931 the Army quietly designed and created the new award. It was announced on February 22, 1932...the 200th anniversary of George Washington's birth. In honor of the Father of our Country and the man who established our military's first medal, the Purple Heart would bear the profile on George Washington on its face.

MOMS Korum Motors And A Purple Mustang?


Absentee Voting Assistance for Uniformed Services Members and Overseas Citizens


Department of Defense

DoD Web Sites is DefenseLINK's portal to the Department of Defense on the World Wide Web. The following page offers direct links to some of the most important and most popular DoD Web Sites


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Pilot Program Serving Rural Vets to Start in Montana

All Women Combat Helicopter Crew

VA to Open 14 New Clinics in Seven States, March 25, 08


VA Reaches Out to Vets, Families in Need March 20, 08


More Education Benefits Coming to Reservists, Guardsmen March 3, 2008



Defense Knowledge Online (DKO) is DoD version of Army Knowledge Online (AKO). AKO is currently undergoing a transformation to support all DoD users. Click the following links to view the DKO trifold for more information on DKO; Side one, Side two.

52 Videos of Interest to Military and Family Members 2008

Around the Services-RECON-Freedom Watch Afghanistan-Freedom Journal Iraq-Iraqi Freedom Minute -The American Veteran-Marines Headlines. From other resources Army-Air Force and Women in service.

New Video's here for May/June 2008  


More Info:

WDVA Resource Guide   Washington State Women Veterans

Washington State Event Locations 


VA Travel Nurse Corps

Travel, adventure and health care are all part of a VA nurse employment opportunity called the VA Travel Nurse Corps. Now you can be a travel nurse and a VA federal employee!

This exciting new program establishes an internal pool of registered nurses (RNs) who can be available for temporary, short-term assignments at VA medical centers throughout the country. The VA Travel Nurse Corps meets nurses’ needs for travel and flexibility while meeting VA medical center needs for temporary top quality nurses! VA medical centers are located in every state around the country.

The Travel Nurse Corps is an opportunity to provide quality nursing care to the nation’s veterans in state of the art health care facilities while seeing the United States. To learn more about the VA Travel Nurse Corps, send an email to To start the application process, fax your resume to (602) 200-2391 or call toll free (866) 664-1030 or in Phoenix (602) 200-2398 . We will respond to you promptly within 24-48 hours!


VA Release Oct 31 07 “Recovery Coordinators” PDF file.

Veterans Benefits Administration hiring Veterans Service Reps

Please take time to review the requirements!


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